Greater Glider (Petauroides volans). Photo: Peter Ridgeway

Blue Mountains Fireflies


During December each year, for approximately 3-4 weeks depending on things like localised climate, topography and altitude), forests around the Blue mountains are illuminated by the magical flashing lights of the adult Firefly beetle. Coming out in search of a mate, male fireflies silently roam the skies, blinking impressively in the hope of winning over a female.

Fireflies are one of the better-known bio-luminescent organisms around the world and can be seen in large numbers in many Asian countries and the USA. But for some reason, they are lesser known in Australia, despite more than 20 species existing. The Blue Mountains Firefly (Atyphella lychnus) is the only firefly species visible in the Sydney / Blue Mountains region.

With the right timing and conditions in the best locations, large numbers of fireflies can be seen on a single evening. We have see anywhere from 10 - 80 fireflies throughout a single evening. Reports from various Blue Mountains locals indicate that with the right conditions, hundreds can be visible.

During December we often see Fireflies during our Glow Worm Tours. Our new guidebook also has information about self-guided Firefly viewing in the Blue Mountains.


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