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Make your own Bio-Magic!!

Are you fascinated bu living light? Take home your very own bioluminescent grow kits - including Glowing Fungi, Bacteria and Plankton.

These fun, safe and educational kits are unique, exciting and easy to use. Perfect for gifts..or geeks! Each kit includes all the necessary lab equipment, material, starter cultures as well as detailed step-by-step instructions to get you going. No knowledge is required - everything you need is in the kits.

Bioluminescent bacteria Growth Kit

Get results within hours with this simple to use, educational Bioluminescent bacteria culture kit. Kit includes full instructions, all required lab equipment and enough bacteria starter to produce 10 bioluminescent bacteria cultures.

Bioluminescent Fungi Grow Kit

Contains ready-to-go pre-inoculated media and equipment to start growing the glow in the dark mushroom Panellus Stipticus (AKA Ghost Mushrooms).

Bioluminescent Plankton - AKA Dinoflagellates

Experience one of natures marvels in your very own bedroom. These tiny sea plankton glow when moved, creating an interactive bioluminescence experience.