Blue Mountains Guidebooks

Discover new and exciting lookouts, short walks, Glow Worms and Firefly colonies acroass the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Glow Worm Discovery Guidebook

Hidden below soaring cliff lines of the Blue Mountains is a complex network of sheltered canyons, gullies and waterfalls that form one of the most significant Glow Worm habitats in the world. Now, for the first time, local-only knowledge of the region has been revealed, showcasing some of the most accessible Glow Worm colonies right in the heart of the Blue Mountains.


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FREE Blue Mountains Glow Worm Tunnel Guidebook

Visit the popular Glow Worm tunnel with our FREE 25 page PDF Guidebook, filled with detailed maps and directions to reach the Glow Worm Tunnel safely.


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Bells Line of Road Discovery Guidebook

Have you ever wondered where all the locals go to get away from the tourist crowds? Take a self-guided journey along Bells Line of Road through the heart of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area to 10 unique lookouts, short walks, waterfalls and scenic drives.


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Blue Mountains Firefly Discovery Guidebook

For a month each year, the humid forests of the Blue Mountains come alive with one of nature's truly magnificent events. Atyphella lychnus or commonly known as the Blue Mountains Firefly wait for specific conditions to spread their wings and take to the sky. To see them, the timing must be just right - the wrong month, or even the wrong hour of the evening can make the difference between seeing hundreds or none. Our new guidebook delves into the fascinating world of the Firefly, providing viewing tips, proven locations & photography tips to help you get the best photos and more.