Blue Mountains Glow Worm & Firefly Discovery Guidebook

Hidden below soaring cliff lines is a complex network of sheltered canyons, gullies and waterfalls that form one of the most significant Glow Worm habitats in the world. Now, for the first time, local knowledge of the region has been revealed, showcasing some of the most accessible Glow Worm colonies right in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Did you know Fireflies can be seen in the Blue Mountains? Also included in the guidebook is a reliable Firefly viewing location, as well as tips on viewing season and times.

All location in the guidebook are Free to access on public land.

Download Blue Mountains Glow Worm + Firefly Discovery Guidebook - $14.95 >>

Download Blue Mountains Glow Worm + Firefly Discovery Guidebook - $14.95 >>

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The Digital Guidebook is packed with 60 pages of detailed maps, directions, viewing tips and information, showcasing new, exciting and easily accessible Glow Worm and Firefly locations across the Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains Glow Worm & Firefly Discovery Guidebook Includes:

  • 5 x Glow Worm Colonies
  • 1 x Firefly viewing location
  • No 4WD needed - sites are 2WD friendly and located close to main towns!
  • Detailed locations and directions to each location
  • Tap-And-Go Smartphone Navigation - links to Google Maps for quickly locating bioluminescence sites
  • Most locations are accessible with a short walk
  • 2 x locations accessible by public transport<.li>
  • Photography tips to get better photos of bioluminescence
  • Viewing locations are self-guided and free to access on public land
  • Information about the biology and life cycle of the Blue Mountains Glow Worm (arachnocampa richardsae)
  • Viewing tips for the Blue Mountains Firefly
  • Illustrated with brilliant colour photography

The Blue Mountains has one of the most diverse habitats for Glow Worms in the world – yet most visitors to the region are not aware of the nocturnal magic that lays in the sheltered canyons, gullies and waterfalls. Now, for the first time, the wondrous world of Blue Mountainsbioluminescence is revealed for all to discover.

Download Blue Mountains Glow Worm Discovery Guidebook - $14.95 >>

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Download Glow Worm & Firefly Guidebook - $14.95 >>

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Blue Mountains Glow Discovery Guidebook - start your own adventure and discover new Glow Worm locations across the Blue mountains. Guidebook contains detailed directions, brilliant photography, information about Glow Worms and more.